Professional Development

  • MIEAust – Member of the Instituition of Engineers Australia 
    • EA ID: 5402543
    • EA Division: Western Australia
    • Occupational Category: Professional
    • Colleges: Mechanical, Structural
  • Part of the Continuous Development Program

What really matters...

My name is Peter Tomasovszki, a Mechanical Engineer, working as a professional since 2009 and in the Australian mining industry since 2012. 

I have gained most of my experience on site as an engineer, designer, draftsman and also experienced field work from another aspect while I was working as a mechanical fitter. 

  • The simpler the better. I endeavour to keep my solutions as simple as possible.
  • I work together with the workshops in order to come up with a design which best suits the workshop’s capabilities. 
  • I provide full transparency while I am working. The client can be involved in every steps. 
  • I understand the urgency of some cases therefore I provide great flexibility for my clients. 


  • University of Miskolc – Hungary
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Logistics)
    • 2007-2012


  • Karoly Robert College – Hungary
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
    • 2005-2009
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